Estimation of financial and economic status of the enterprise in system of anti crisis management

Саміра Тимофіївна Пілецька


Systematic and qualified financial analysis serves as an effective method to prevent the crisis in any business entity, and so in case of its occurrence, timely elimination of negative consequences. Financial analysis helps not only find out what the economic problems of the debtor are, but also develop and implement measures of company’s exit  from the crisis situation.

Purpose.  The aim of the article is to develop an integrated model of determination of stage of the crisis through the financial and economic status and the type of economic stability on the basis of the usage of multiplication regression modeling.

Method (methodology).  The research works of leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of crisis management have become the theoretical and methodological basis of the article. In the process of study we have used the general scientific knowledge of the financial, economic analysis, structural and dynamic analysis, mathematical prediction within regression analysis, qualimetric forecasting within expert analysis, graphics analusis for visual presentation of theoretical and methodological material and abstract and logic analysis for theoretical generalizations and conclusions of study.

Results. An integrated model has been suggested for staging deployment of the source of the crisis. That is, the financial and economic situation and the type of economic stability with the help of usage of multiplication regression modeling, which makes it possible to determine the financial and economic performance, the source of the crisis and the type of economic stability that allows to develop anti-crisis measures to deploy critical processes in the enterprise. The   results of the analysis showed that financial and economic situation of most companies has a negative impact on economic stability. In addition, from 2009 it is observed a worthening of financial and economic conditions of industrial airlines. Most of the companies are in pre-crisis and crisis conditions. Enterprises use capital assets ineffectively. They  manage accounts receivable unsuccessfully. We can observe high inventories of raw materials, a great amount of finished products in warehouses. It confirms the evidence of ineffective management too.


crisis; crisis process; regression modeling; economic stability; type of economic stability; integrated model

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