Causes and determinants of ultrahigh mortality in Ukraine: comparative social and demographic analysis with the European Union countries

Дмитро Георгійович Шушпанов


In the article the problem of high mortality in Ukraine is considered. The dynamics of the total Ukrainian population mortality rate comparing  with such countries as Sweden, Poland and with the EU member states is analysed. Assumptions regarding further changes of this dynamic are defined. Loss of population of Ukraine due to the high level of overall mortality is estimated.

Modern structure of mortality of the population in Ukraine and the population aged 0-64 years by causes of death are determined. The changes in dynamics of these structures are analysed. It has been found out that over the past 25 years the proportion of deaths from infectious and parasitic diseases, and diseases of the digestive system has significantly increased.

With the help of comparative analysis of standardized mortality rates of Ukraine and the EU countries, the causes of high mortality of the population are defined. In particular, it is determined that the greatest deviations have standardized mortality rates from infectious and parasitic diseases, diseases of the circulatory and digestive diseases. This primarily concerns such diseases as HIV, tuberculosis, coronary heart disease and accidental poisoning (external causes of death). It has been carried out a detailed analysis of these and other possible causes of death and factors that cause them. Particular attention is paid to the mortality from tuberculosis and AIDS, which are socially conditioned.

With the help of correlation analysis we have revealed the main determinants that define the mortality rate of the population. They have become the cgrounds of its high standardized figures as wellas from all kinds of causes and so from the specific causes of death. First of all, those are the social and economic determinants and the responsibility of the individual and social patterns of behavior of the population in relation to their own health.

The basic reserves to reduce mortality in Ukraine are revealled.


mortality; causes of death; morbidity; mortality determinants; Ukraine; standardization; correlation; social and economic determinants of health

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