Economic nature of concept «personal finance» and its usage by Ukrainian researchers

Тетяна Григорівна Гончар


Introduction. Globalization is a powerful driving force for the development of science, knowledge, ideas and experience. Unfortunately researchers are faced with language barriers which  can sometimes cause misunderstanding in nature of economic concepts. Authors should use terms carefully in order to avoid difference in meaning and make the studies more transparent.

Purpose. This article analyzes the economic nature and interpretation of foreign terms in order to create clear system of categories in personal finance.

Method (methodology). In this eper we have used the historical method, method of comparison, method of analogy, method of foreign and domestic literature analysis.

Results. After analysis of English categories and their equivalents in Ukrainian literature it is important to confirm the parallel existence of several similar terms: "personal finance", "household finance", "citizens finance." But their meanings are a bit different and depend on field of studies in which they are used.The most appropriate term that describes the financial relations with regard to formation and use of money funds is "personal finance."


wealth; personal finance; household finance; citizens finance

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