Key factors of success through transformation program of energy branch

Tetyana Oleksandrivna Artemchuk


Introduction. Modern mechanisms of functioning of the Ukrainian economy and trends in the energy sector envisage the reconstruction of industries for improving the electricity market. With the formation of sustainable development of society, there is a need for the interaction between all strategic industries and the energy sector increases. Transition to market self-regulation mechanism is considered to be the main instrument of economic changes in the transformation process. It will help to determine the true value of economic benefits in the economy and will lead to macroeconomic restructuring of production in order to meet the needs of society.

Purpose. Article is devoted to development of the theoreticaland methodical bases in order toevaluate the defining key factors of success on transforming of the enterprises of natural monopolies, including the power industries and development of practical recommendations on priorities of development.

 Results. The evaluation of expected results concerning the reduction of electricity rates by establishment of competitive environment in this sort of activity as the supply of electricity is done. The main reasons of increase of tariffs in the sphere of energy supply are analysed.

The structure of average retail rates for non-residential customers, which points the importance of maintaining of stable prices on the retail rates and preventing their unjustified growth is showed.

It is highlighted the fact that in some regions it is advisable to establish a vertically integrated structure in the electricity sector. Its effectiveness is confirmed by international experience in the oil and gas sector of Ukraine.

It is proved the expediency of implementation of management accounting and of management audit in energy supply companies of Ukraine. The directions of improvement of enterprise management of the branches are suggested. It is established that for the effective realization of strategic actions of transformation we need to improve comprehensively the management organization at all levels by creating and improving institutional governance structures that are integral part of the problem of increasing of overall efficiency. It is determined that the establishment of programs for implementation of the necessary organizational changes in the management system is extremely important. 


monopoly; transformation; monolopy sector of natural monopolies; tariffs; improvement of the management structure

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