Financial resources of households as a part of Ukraine’s national welfare fund

Olha Viktorivna Hlushchenko


Introduction. The financial resources of households reflect the quality of life in the society, the state of human development and the profile of their financial behavior. Construction of a state welfare should begin from the growth of households wealth, increase of their savings. Financial architectonic of national welfare is a system of movement and redistribution of financial flows that are allocated to achieve it. Its central element is wealth fund. It is a form of accumulation, movement and redistribution of financial resources.

Investigation of the financial resources of households in terms of the factors that have caused the crisis in Ukraine is necessary in today's conditions, which resulted relevance of the chosen topic.

Puppose. The aim of the article is to improve methodological approach to the welfare fund of financial resources by clarifying the volume of household financial resources which are directed at human development, taking into account inflation and inequality.

The method (methodology). The methodological base of research is formed by the general scientific methods, including methods of analysis and synthesis. Also the applied economics and statistical methods have been used. With their help it has been carried out a processing of information database, visualization of results and the connection between income and expenditure of households.

Results. In the process of study, it has been decided an important theoretical and methodological problem as for the disclosure of contribution of households into welfare fund and welfare of Ukraine. The results of scientific research have become the basis of conclusions of theoretical and methodological and practical guidance.

It has been improved the methodical approach to the assessment of the financial resources of fund welfare. It is based on the calculation of the financial flows that form it. Methodical approach has helped determine the contribution of households to the national welfare.


households; financial architectonic; welfare; welfare fund; financial resources of households

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