Increase of human potential competitiveness in convergence of social and economic development of Ukraine to the EU

Liliya Borysivna Martynova


Introduction. In the article the actual problem of determining ways of increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine's human potential under conditions of European integration is considered.

Purpose. The main purpose set by the author is to form the key determinants of systematic improvement of the competitiveness of Ukrainian human potential in ensuring the social and economic effects of European integration.

Method (methodology). Synergetic, historical, comprehensive, systematic, institutional approaches and methods of scientific knowledge are used in the study to achieve the desired result.

Results. The author has focused on the fundamental factors of creation of competitive advantages of human potential. The priority role of social and demographic potential in the development of competitive human potential is highlighted. The importance of converting the human potential into the human capital in the formation of its competitive advantages is considered, including mobility of its bearers. The role of social protection and social security of human potential bearers as an important factor of its preservation and realization is set. It is emphasized that among the functions of the state as for ensuring human development we can single out a direct implementation of measures for the development of the latter and general regulation of social parameters of economic process. The activation of business activity and increase of the scale and efficiency of the business sector are identified to be the factors of positive structural changes and modernization of the national economy, the expansion of resources to support the development of all components of human development, economic recovery, improving the quality of life. Specific features and criteria of institutional support for social and economic policy in Ukraine are determined. The conceptual scheme of resource and institutional support for the formation of competitive human potential is formed. The obstacles to resource provision of increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine's human potential are highlighted. The main approaches to indicative and system and determinant management of the competitiveness of the human potential increase in Ukraine are overviewed.

On the basis of specification of the approaches to indicative determinant and management system of improving the human potential competitiveness in Ukraine the prospects of further research towards formation of implementation mechanisms of enhancing the Ukraine's human potential competitivenessis have been set.


human potential; competitiveness; government regulation; social policy; resource and institutional capacity; indicative and determinant management

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