Banking risks: international and national standards

Anton Mykhaylovych Shevchuk


Introduction. In the present circumstances, when there is instability in the banking systems of the countries it arises the question of balancing the situations with the help of various tools of influence.

Purpose. The aim of scientific research is to investigate the existenceof certain risks in the banking system. This problem  arises as there is a relationship between the stability of the economy in general and fluctuations in the banking system. In order to clearify the understanding the problem of instability in the banking system we should know for sure its problems, especially the problem of banking risks.

The method (methodology). In order to solve these problems we have used the methods of risk assessment, method of comparison of banking risks in the global and domestic practices, statistical methods.

Results. According to the results of the study as for the international and national standards for bank management of banking risks, we can conclude that the banking system of Ukraine is not sufficient one. The Basel agreement, which causes some confusion in the work with bank risks, is not applied in an appropriate way.


bank risks; The Basel Committee; credit risk; country risk; market risk; liquidity risk; operational risk; interest rate risk concentration

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