Information and methodological support of the tourism industry in modern conditions

Ol'ha Kostyantynivna Mazurenko, Olena Serhiyivna Zavoruyeva


Introduction. The article reveals the importance of information and methodological support of the analysis of tourism industry activity which is based on the improvement of statistical indicators. The state and problems for further systematization are analysed.  The approximation of national tourism economy to modern conditions is shown.

The article analyses the current evaluation system efficiency of the tourism industry, as well as ordering and generalization of metrics for statistical analysis of the needs of the state and development of tourism in Ukraine.

The method (methodology). The study uses general scientific methods of knowledge for solving specific problems: dialectical method, system analysis method, method of synthesis, method of comparison.

Results. The groups of indicators that give a detailed and structured overview of the development of the tourism industry and reflect the impact of tourism on the economy have been formed. The groups of statistical indicators that can be used for statistical analysis of tourism and providing economic definition of the role of tourism in life or tourist region have been separated. A further study of levers of growth of social and economic value of tourism by developing tourism satellite accounts as a methodology to determine its impact on the economy of the region is proposed.


system performance; statistical support; tourism development; tourism industry; statistical analysis; tourism statistics

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