Improvement of methodological approaches to determination of economic efficiency of mining enterprises

Volodymyr Yakovych Nusinov, Igor Yevgenovych Afanasiev


The authors reveal the essence of the category of economic efficiency of enterprise as an integral part of management process in whole or in its specific units. A possibility of ensuring increase of efficiency of a mining enterprise at the expense of implementing increased profit reserves from its operational activity is also considered by the authors. They also reveal methodical approach to assessing the cost of concentrate production on the basis of defining the optimum manoeuvring area of resources interchange, where the minimum acceptable levels of iron ore resources are calculated taking into account the risk of failure no greater than predetermined value, which allows to increase the effectiveness of operational management of the available resources of iron ore. Methodological approach to determining the economic efficiency of concentrate production costs for a mining enterprise, related to its operational activities, is based on the theory of statistical tests and allows on the basis of stabilization, by the principle of comparison of certain resource expenses of iron ore, and commodity concentrate of market ordered quality, to ensure rational use of production capacity of an enterprise.


economic efficiency; economic efficiency indicators; resources; income; operating expenses; uncertainty

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