Globalisation aspect of state economic security

Oleg Yevheniyovych Denysov


Introduction. The essence and structure of globalization are extremely complex and contradictory. This causes a large number of controversial positions among the approaches of the scientific establishment. The issue of effectiveness of economic security evaluation has been and remains the subject of study of many domestic and foreign scientists. Experts who study the mentioned problems often impose multi-vector judgment. They declare controversial opinionsconcerning the nature and stages of development, the main factors, globalizationeffects and its interaction with the social and economic life, identifying ways and directions of post-industrial globalizationcontradictions evaluation. There is no single approach to the definition of globalization in these concepts.

Purpose. This article aims to explore the impact of globalization processes on the level of economic security. The research focuses on the issue of competitiveness of the national economy and reveals its relationship to economic security.

Method (methodology). To achieve the goal the author has used a set of scientific methods of research: method of analysis and synthesis, method of system and factor analysis.

Results. The author emphasizes the importance of stimulating the development for the national economy, by accelerating social and economic progress, which would provide the appropriate level of economic security.


economic security; safety; national security; state security category; globalization; globalization; competitiveness

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