Features of the world market development of biotech products

Iryna Valeriyivna Prykhodko


Introduction. The population growth and the natural resources lack have caused the genetic engineering transition to a new stage of the development, however, it is accompanied by the constant disputes about the quality and the safety of such products. We can assert that the genetically modified products open up the new prospects and possibilities for the humanity, but we have to emphasize on the possible threats. A number of scientific researches that point to the GM products danger, that leads to the various diseases and possible unfavorable effects on the environment. Today there are a lot of reasons for warning about the genetically modified products. They are the lack of the consumers awareness about the origin of these products, their ambiguous perception from the point of view of safety or unsafety of these products. Along with the GMOs spreading simultaneously in many countries, there is a movement for "the environmentally friendly products" and "zones free from GMOs" functioning. Each country chooses its own approach on the way how to use or to limit the genetically modified products consumption in their lives.

Purpose of the study is to analyze and to evaluate the innovative prospects approaches in the functioning of the world market of biotech products; to investigate the phenomenon of genetically modified products; to highlight the main features of the global market of GMOs.

Method (methodology). The following methods of investigation are used in our research: method of generalization, method of logics, method of abstraction and analysis.

Results. The interpretation of the "genetically modified products" category has been systematized. The evolution of the world market of biotech products has been shown. The features of genetically modified products in the developed countries and in the developing countries have been considered. The world practice of GMOs’ regulation has been generalized. The prospects of the biotechnology application on the basis of the experience of the EU and the USA state regulation have been outlined. The main factors of influence on the genetically modified products of world market have been identified.


genetically modified products and biotech products; global market; zone free from GMOs; generation of GM crops; labeling of goods; access regime of GMOs to the market; product safety; food risks; economic efficiency

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