Raiding on enterprises of fuel and energy complex: status and features of implementation

Kostyantyn Anatoliyovych Mamonov, Volodymyr Anatoliyovych Velychko


The article aims to make the characteristics of state and to identify the peculiarities of raiding on the enterprises of fuel and energy sector. To achieve the goals the following tasks should be solved: to define the concept of "raiding", to develop the concept of "raiding appeal", to describe the status and trends of transformation of fuel and energy sector, to identify the factors that influence the formation and implementation of raider attacks. The authors’ definition of "raiding" has acquired the significant importance. It is characterized from the position of the complex of actions which aim to create a negative situation that leads to disruption of "normal" functioning of the entities in the energy sector or to their capture. The proposed concept of "raiding appeal" is considered as a system of believes, which includes the legal and information basis, evaluation procedures relating to setting of the integral criterion, the formation of information and analytical support and management decisions to counter raiding on the fuel and energy complex. It has been determined the necessity of the operation of a special unit to provide counteraction to raiding, which operates on the basis of the relevant provisions. It includes the following sections: regulatory and legal framework which governs its activities; rights and obligations; function; management structure; trends and features of combating forced seizure of the fuel and energy complex; implementation areas of functioning unit specialized in the operation of the fuel and energy complex; interoperability of specialized unit with other structural elements of the fuel and energy complex. It has been determined the need for antiraiding Code, which is to create and implement a set of measures to counteraction to raiding on the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex. Herewith, we should consider the features of information policy, directions of application of legal security, corporate relationships, the level of interaction between units of fuel and energy complex and different groups of stakeholders, directions and measures to counteraction to raiding, the definition of responsible persons and presented directions and implementation activities. The analysis of the status and characteristics of raiding in the energy complex have allowed us to create an information basis for management decisions, including areas of cooperation between stakeholders.


fuel and energy complex; raiding; counter raiding; companies; "raider appeal"

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