Accounting in the system of strategic management by agricultural enterprise

Vasyl' Yuriyovych Tsaruk


Introduction. Current economic conditions entities of Agrarian Business are characterized by instability and uncertainty. These conditions reduce the efficiency of economic activity. Agricultural enterprises can successfully manage in current business environment in case if an effective mechanism to control is constructed. It requires an adequate information security. In the information system of agricultural enterprise an accounting and analytical information plays a significant role. It is characterized in most of the cases by retrospective content. However, in the current economic conditions it is necessary to generate information not only about domestic economic conditions for agricultural enterprises, but also about a number of external factors. This information can only be obtained through strategically oriented accounting system.

Purpose. The research aims to ground the necessity for developing a strategically oriented accounting system to improve management decisions in agricultural enterprises.

Methods. The dialectical and systematic approaches to the study of accounting and analytical support of agricultural enterprises have been used. The abstract and logical method to justify the need to develop a strategically oriented accounting system in agricultural enterprises has been applied.

Results. The accounting system is the system of information model of the system of the enterprise, which allows us to identify and process data about the facts of economic life and generate and provide information about them to users through a variety of types and formats of financial statements. With the changes in conditions of functioning of enterprises, changes of models and methods of management decisions an accounting system should be properly refined in order to meet the growing information needs of internal and external users of accounting information. As a result of the formation of market conditions there is a need to develop a proper system of accounting and analytical support implementation of the strategic objectives of the enterprise. System of strategic accounting serves as a unifying link in the information space of the enterprise. It allows integration of accounting information with data on the environment and information predictive nature. Only under such conditions accounting system can be fully implemented into the strategic management process.

Perspectives. The system strategic accounting as a means of information support of management should provide an adaptation of the enterprise to the changes which occur in the environment, provide identification of critical situations, determine the main opportunities and threats and generally be a tool for maintaining economic security and sustainable development of the agricultural enterprises in dynamic market conditions.


accounting information; accounting and analytical support; accounting and analytical system; strategy; strategic management; strategic analysis; strategic oriented accounting system

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