Diagnostics of mortgage housing credit in the context of extension of access to credit from the position of economic agents

Iryna Stepanivna Karpa


The systematic approach, the theory of management of economic and social processes, sociological methods of data collection, as well as methods of mathematical and statistical data processing have become the methodological basis of the study.

The theoretical and methodological aspects of mortgage lending and its diagnostics are disclosed taking into account a variety of factors influencing the state of the market of residential real estate, provision of residential real estate to social and communal infrastructure. It is revealed that the state, banks and non-bank credit institutions take an active part in stimulating its development and solving the housing problem of its citizens. A number of containment factors that do not allow to intensify the development of mortgage lending is determined. Among them we can point out the following ones: political and legal (social and economic and political instability, low level of legal protection of relations of ownership of real estate objects, lack of a clear system of registration of real estate and methods of imposing the collection and alienation of property); social and economic (high inflation, low solvency and living standards of the population, the permanence of crises in the financial and credit market and the underdevelopment of the securities market); institutional and organizational (lack of unified system-based principles, standardization and unification of mortgage lending procedures, limited financially stable and developed financial and credit institutions); technical and technological (low level of technical and technological support of financial and credit institutions and databases used by them). The expediency of activating the reform of state banks and the transition to the implementation of the Strategy for their development, the publication of the macroprudential strategy and road map for the harmonization of banking regulation rules with international principles and standards have been identified. To ensure the success of the development of mortgage lending and the creation of appropriate conditions for its availability, for the overwhelming majority of citizens it is necessary to monitor the financing process of housing construction in the country.


mortgage lending; central bank; banking institution; housing; risk

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2017.02.098

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