Formation of cluster structures in the conditions of the energy independence development

Oksana Anatoliivna Mykoliuk


Introduction.  The formation of cluster structures in Ukraine is a prerequisite for the revival of domestic production, the innovation development efficiency increasing, and achievement of high level of economic growth, energy efficiency, energy security and competitiveness. To inform everyone about the peculiarities of the development of the regions of the country means to actualize the role of clusters, which will create advantages in the competition.

Purpose. The article aims to analyse foreign and domestic experience in the formation of cluster structures, as well as to identify opportunities and prospects for their application as an instrument for improving energy efficiency and establishing energy independence.

Methodology. The fundamental positions of the general economic theory, scientific knowledge, general scientific principles, historical and system approaches to the study of the formation and development of the energy cluster have become the methodological basis of the article.

Results. In the article the foreign experience of creation and functioning of clusters, including energy ones, has been considered. The activity of domestic clusters has been analysed. The conceptual scheme of the structure of cluster education has been represented by the identification of the coordination centre. The factors of activating the state rate on energy efficiency within the framework of creation of the energy cluster have been determined.


energy security; energy efficiency; cluster; competitiveness; energy resources

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