Logical hierarchy of terms in the system of economic security

Elvira Igorivna Danilova


Introduction. Instability and uncertainty of the environment creates threats, dangers and risks for enterprises. The higher the intensity of their effects, the more active becomes the policy of the company in neutralizing their negative effects. The formation of the system of economic protection from negative effects of threats, hazards and risks needs to be clarified as the economic essence of these concepts, as well as their logical ordering in the process of interaction with the enterprise.

Purpose. The article aims to summarize scientifically the logical ordering of terms that form the system of economic security.

Method (methodology). To achieve the purpose of the research we have used the following methods: method of process approach to scientific research, methods of analysis and synthesis to the formation of the logical chain of terms, method of grouping to identify threats, hazards and risks.

Results. The paper has summarized the scientific approaches to understanding the essence of economic security. It logically arranges the concept of threat, danger and risk, which will allow the formation of a system of assessment and management of economic security. The identification of existing threats and risks existing at the current stage of economic development for enterprise activity has allowed formulating a set of factors of influence and determining the direction of their actions.


economic security; enterprise; threats; danger; risks

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2018.02.127

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