Social Media Marketing as the instrument of promotion of enterprises as transport services providers

Hryhoriy Leonardovych Monastyrsky, Liuba Yaroslavivna Turchyn


The article aims to substantiate the expediency of Social Media Marketing use as an important tool for promotion and creation of a positive image of B2C by enterprises. They provide public transport services on the Internet, since these services are intended for consumption by the masses.

The article substantiates the feasibility of Social Media Marketing use as a valuable tool for promotion of enterprises as the public transport service providers on the Internet and communication with the target audience. The article deals with creating a positive image of the above-mentioned enterprises among the masses. The most effective ways, tools and platforms of SMM activity of companies are suggested.


Social Media Marketing; social networks; SMM; B2B; В2С; transport services; public transport; marketing; internet-marketing

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