Essential features of structural modernization of the regional economy

Maryna Volodymyrivna Shashyna


Introduction. Due to constant external and internal threats and the need to overcome their consequences, the regional economy requires structural modernization. Especially it concerns the determination of regional policy priorities, mechanisms for its implementation, and the improvement of tools and methods for the implementation of modernization measures.


Purpose. The article aims to substantiate the content of the structural modernization of the regional economy and its essential features.

Results. In the process of scientific research, the interest of scientists to the problem of structural modernization of the regional economy has been investigated. The existence of three scientific approaches to the understanding of the concept of “modernization of the regional economy” has been provided. Among these approaches, we can distinguish the following ones: evolutionary, process and systemic approaches. The content and intrinsic features of the structural modernization of the regional economy are presented through modernization of economic policy, modernization of public administration as well as regulation and modernization of the sectoral structure of the economy. The author’s understanding of the category under study is given. It is stated that the concept of “modernization of regional economy” is a process of formation, transition to new forms of regional development or movement to modern types of regional structure, which consists of reflection of the system of interaction between regions and state central bodies and is accompanied by qualitative transformational changes of the regional system. The further tasks of scientific studies on the substantiation of the theoretical and methodological base of qualitative and quantitative estimation of modernization processes of the regional economy are determined.


modernization; regional economy; modernization of the regional economy; regional policy; regional economy management; structural modernization

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