The discrete model for the formation of company’s strategy on the solid biofuel market

Nataliia Andriivna Halysh


Introduction. In the article, the author pays attention to the research of the actual data of the enterprise, which produces the solid biofuel, with the isolation of raw material supply processes and the formation of the finished products’ cost structure. A system of differential equations is developed and presented. It reveals the influence of these factors and the dynamics of the share of the company's presence on the market of solid biofuels. The method of interval data analysis is substantiated. This method gives adequate results in the calculation of forecast intervals of the indicators and influences the adoption of strategic decisions on the presence of the company in the market of commodity products. An interlinear discrete model of the dynamics of the company's share for 2016 and 2017 is constructed, as a result of which its suitability for implementation in the activity of the enterprise is checked and taken into account while developing the strategy for its development.

Purpose. The article aims to construct an interval discrete model of a company's market share at solid biofuels’ market using the system of difference equations and analysis of interval data. Based on the justification of the expediency of the chosen method of research, the other goal is identified. It is to develop the proposals for the implementation of this model in the activities of the enterprise for the production of wood pellets as the basis for providing a management strategy of this enterprise in uncertain external environment.

Method. Such standard methods of scientific research as method of systematization, method of processing, method of summation of data, method of definition of general summary synthetic indicators, method of presentation of the results in the form of statistical tables, method of graphs and figures have been used in this research. A special method of data analysis based on interval arithmetic and interval data analysis has been implemented.

Results. In the paper, scientific and methodological approaches to developing a strategy for the activities of enterprises producing solid biofuels have been improved. The proposals, which are given to the wood pellets’ enterprises, are based on the use of the developed interval model of market share dynamics of the enterprise at the solid biofuel market. It gives the ability to determine the range of values of the expected dynamics of this market share, depending on the cost of its products and the range of values of the market share by the consumption of raw materials. The results and recommendations, which are described in this article, can be used by enterprises producing solid biofuels (in particular, wood pellets) with a differentiated production cycle, which includes input and output logistics.


wood pellets; pellets; solid biofuel market; biomass; sales; difference equations; interval discrete model; interval data analysis method

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