Theoretical and applied aspects of accounting in the sphere of land use

Ruslan Feoktystovych Brukhanskyi, Tetiana Anatoliivna Bincharovska


Introduction. It is proved that according to the way of acquiring property rights and use, land resources in the modern accounting system are considered as fixed assets on ownership rights ( which are the assets of the enterprise, the rights of possession, use and disposal are fully exercised by according); intangible assets for use (which are considered as an object of accounting, for which the regulatory functions are limited); objects of lease relations ( which are accounted on off-balance sheet accounts); investment property (which is held for the purpose of obtaining lease payments and / or increase of own capital). In the course of the research it is established that the potential introduction of a full-fledged land market for agricultural purposes forms certain restrictions and problems for accounting of land resources in agrarian enterprises. They are connected with the lack of a unified method of transfer of land owned or used by enterprises from one form of ownership to another. In order to avoid such problems, the article proposes a universal algorithm for land use accounting in agricultural enterprises. Its use will ensure a reliable representation of transactions with land plots and their use despite the form of the ownership. It will also enable the automation of accounting processes in the field of land use.

Purpose. The article aims to identify the characteristics of accounting in the field of land use and to develop practical proposals for improving the current methodology of displaying agricultural land resources in accounting.

Results. On the basis of analysis of the characteristics of land accounting, taking into account the classification of land ownership forms, a universal algorithm for land use registration at agricultural enterprises has been formed. The use of this algorithm with the introduction of an automated form of accounting at agricultural enterprises will enable accounting officers to reflect on accounts all transactions with agricultural land, regardless of the ownership of them.


land resources; agricultural land; land market; accounting of land resources

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