Implementation of the strategy of innovative development of domestic sea ports

Oleksii Hab


Introduction. The innovative development of domestic seaports is an important factor for the economic revival of Ukraine through improving the efficiency and competitiveness of Ukrainian export goods and improving technology.

Purpose of the article is to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the innovative development of the economic potential of Ukraine's most powerful seaports in order to adequately evaluate the implementation of their innovative development strategy.

Results: The article analyzes the activity of economic entities - the largest ports in the following sequence: a general analysis of the economic potential of the major seaports of Ukraine for the period 2014-2018 by major economic indicators and identifies trends in their development; staff activity analysis; analysis of the financial state of development. The results of the study revealed that privatized enterprises have always been increasing the cost of innovation. Thus, the activation of innovative activity has a direct dependence on the efficiency of the implementation of privatization processes. The author determines that the directions of development of strategies of innovative development of seaports of Ukraine should be: attraction of greater volume of private capital and investments in new objects and equipment with the purpose of expansion of capacities of cargo handling, in particular, in concession; ensuring the creation of new competitive positions in the context of integrating innovation in the use of smart technologies; active participation in international organizations in order to create conditions for transboundary carriage of goods and to bring standards of operation of seaports in compliance with European requirements.


seaports; development strategy; economic potential; smart technology; smart port

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