Conceptual provisions of analysis of the level of compliance of the security of country and enterprise

Tetiana Kobielieva


Introduction. Nowadays, many researchers do not pay attention to the important component of economic security, which is related to the observance by the subject of the study (country, region, industry, enterprise) of the current legislation, existing regulations, instructions, regulations, rules of corporate ethics. All these principles are within the scope of the compliance function, which has not become widespread and widely used in our country.

Purpose. The article aims to develop the conceptual principles for ensuring compliance safety based on consideration of the most important macro- and micro-factors of industrial and commercial activity of an industrial enterprise.

Results. The research of the current state has been carried out. The basic components of economic security of the country and the enterprise have been determined. The necessity to take into account the compliance factor has been justified. The main factors that have the greatest impact on the level of compliance have been identified. At the country level, such factors include energy, financial, social and innovation and investment components; at the industrial enterprise level we pay attention to financial, political, energy, and interface components. Using the expert analysis, an analytical evaluation of each of these components has been carried out, as well as the factors of the impact of each component on the level of ensuring the security of the country and the industrial enterprise. Analytical dependencies have been developed for practical calculations of the level of compliance security at different levels of its hierarchy. The development of a system for monitoring compliance risks and introduction of a special compliance unit in the enterprise management structure can become the prospective directions of studies. Their aim is to increase the level of compliance with the safety of an industrial enterprise.


economic security; compliance; industrial enterprises; evaluation; model of calculation

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