Formation of the enterprises management system for the development of hydrocarbon deposits with hard recoverable reserves

Yaroslav Vytvytskyi, Mykola Pilka


Introduction. Oil, gas and refined products are of great importance today for the economy and life of the population of any country and will be stored in the near future. Today, the issue of national energy security is particularly acute. So the complex use of the most modern technologies, attracting equipment and competencies of the world technological leaders, liberalization of the internal energy market, differentiation of rent payments, stimulation of exploration works, market mechanism for access of extractive companies to pipeline systems and storages will make it possible to increase hydrocarbon production and create preconditions for the state's energy independence and strengthening the domestic economy. This strategically important task for Ukraine can be solved by expanding possible sources of oil and gas production. Scientific and technical solutions to increase the current production of hydrocarbons by involving in the development of hard recoverable reserves can ensure a significant growth of own production of hydrocarbons. Increase of production from the deposits with hard recoverable reserves cannot be achieved without solving a number of economic problems, which relate to improving the management system, optimizing financing, increasing the volume and efficiency of prospecting, improving tax policy and legislation in the oil and gas sector, and attraction of  both domestic and foreign private investments on this basis.

Purpose. The article aims to form the system of management of mining enterprises in the development of hydrocarbon deposits with hard recoverable reserves.

Results. The scientific results of the work should include the proposed management system for oil and gas companies, which deal with the development of hydrocarbon deposits with hard recoverable reserves. The proposed mechanism for managing the exploration of oil and gas companies will help to increase the efficiency of their operations by the complex use of all structural elements of the management system.


hydrocarbons; hardrecoverable reserves; structure of reserves; cost-effective reserves of hydrocarbons; well productivity; tax incentives; rational development of fields

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