Peculiarities of formation and realization of tourism enterprises innovative potential of the region

Bohdan Kaminskyi, Viktor Yurchenko


Introduction. The peculiarities of the formation and use of the innovative potential of tourism enterprises in the current development of the tourism services market are considered. The concepts of “innovative environment” and “innovative potential” are defined as the important components of a qualitatively new level of tourism market development.

Purpose. The article aims to study the peculiarities of formation and realization of innovative potential of tourism enterprises in modern competitive conditions.

Method (methodology). The analysis focuses on specific applied research on implementing innovations by tourism enterprises in the region and on identifying the problems that hinder their innovative development. Therefore, the target sample includes representatives of various tourism and excursion enterprises, the scientific sphere of the region, state authorities and local governments who have experience in creating innovative products and introducing innovations. Based on this, this study is not a sociological survey in the full sense of the word, but it has the character of an expert evaluation analysis.

Results.  The expert evaluation study results of the innovation implementation state by tourism enterprises of the region are presented, the essence of which is the need to significantly expand and strengthen the innovation activity sphere, which should fulfil a connecting function between science, tourism business, state authorities and local governments. The practical application of such a proposal in the innovative development of the tourism sector will not only increase the competitiveness of the enterprise but also evaluate the feasibility of introducing new types of tourism products and services.


innovation; innovation environment; innovation potential; innovative activity; tourism enterprises

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