Integral estimation of profitability products of sewing production

Yulia Anatoliyivna Manachynska, Natalia Vasylivna Skrypnyk, Mykola Yevgenovych Skrypnyk


Essence of methodical approach is exposed to forming of analytical tool of integral estimation of profitability enterprises’ activity of sewing industry on the basis diagnostic potentional of their profitability which consists of realization of express analysis of technology efectiveness sewing production in the conditions of innovative changes. It is suggested to estimate the financial results of activity domestic sewings factories on the activity practical application of algorithm base of construction of potential function recognition the standardized values of standards. The determination of sewing products level profitability is conducted due to recognition of innovative introductions in the technological process of sewing production. As a result of integral estimation of profitability the necessity of realization of economic interpretation of specific gravity of signs is found out for the potential function of level integral estimation profitability on the basis of ranging priorities of influence on financial end-point activity enterprises of sewing industry. 


integral estimation, profitability; sewing factory; potential function; innovative technologies; phase portrait of potential of profitability

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