Trends in the development of socially responsible investing in the world: theoretical and practical aspects

Maryna Dielini


The subject of this scientific article is the theoretical study of socially responsible investment (SRI) and development in the world and countries of Europe.

The purpose of the research is to study the essence of socially responsible investing, its strategies and to analyze statistically the development of socially responsible investing in the world and in Europe in particular.

Research methods. The methods of synthesis, analysis, comparison, generalization, statistical data processing, graphical and tabular methods of presentation of scientific results were used.

The result of the work is a theoretical and statistical study of the subject of the article. The essence of socially responsible investing is defined as investing in socially responsible entrepreneurships with the purpose of profit. Historical factors of socially responsible investing have been investigated, among which the religious aspect and the increasing importance of human values have been highlighted. Have been described main strategies that investors use in decision-making process about financing companies or projects, outlined their differences and purposes. On the basis of abovementioned, a statistical study was conducted to analyze the overall status of the SRI in the world, what strategies are most represented and to explore more deeply the state of development of SRI in Europe, as the region with the highest volume of SRI.

The results of the research can be used by companies that search an outside investor or, conversely, invest in other businesses to understand the request of today’s business society. Taking into account the world experience will allow to increase the company's own image and a positive effect on the society and the environment.

Conclusion. Socially responsible investments are gaining ground in the world, as this is required by the global community. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of earning socially responsible profits, which is generated by investing in responsible enterprises and projects.


socially responsible investment; ESG; screening; shareholders advocacy; negative screening; sustainable-themed

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