Development of digitalization in Ukraine

Hanna Zhosan


The aim of the article is to define the concept of "digitalization", to determine the main directions of digitalization, to analyze the place of Ukraine in the world by the level of digitalization. The subject of research is the process of analyzing the state of digitalization in Ukraine. The theoretical and methodological basis of this study were the following methods of scientific knowledge: the method of analysis and synthesis, the method of theoretical generalization and systematization. A number of approaches to the definition of "Digitalization" are identified; directions and spheres of digitalization development are formed; the dynamics of the level of digitalization in Ukraine on the basis of a set of key indicators is analyzed.

It is established that today the economy of Ukraine has both applied and theoretical and legislative basis in order to strengthen its position among the countries of the world. However, its digitalization is still mostly innovative. Therefore, a combination of theoretical research with the current needs and capabilities of stakeholders is a must for the national economy.

Thus, in the new economy, during the fierce competition, rapidly aging technologies, professions, ideas, the penetration of the Internet into all parts of the economy, digitalization has reached a new level of importance for business organizations. To maintain the competitiveness of the enterprise, enterprises need to use the opportunities of digitalization in all possible areas and forms: customer experience; partnership and collaboration; work with data; introduction of innovations; HR strategy and culture; value management, etc. The paper proposes a structural and logical sequence of development and implementation of digitalization strategy, reveals the content of individual stages of work. Consistent and cyclical implementation of the above recommendations will allow companies to minimize errors and effectively implement digital technology in their activities.


digitalization; fourth industrial revolution; development; innovation

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