Strategies of international hotel chains and determinants of planning their development in Ukraine

Vira Shevchuk, Oresta Bordun


Introduction. The hospitality business, as an economic activity, directly or indirectly creates jobs and is an important source of filling the treasury with foreign exchange. International hotel chains are important players in the hospitality market and in the hospitality industry in general, which is why a number of scientists are paying attention to the study.

Goal. The purpose of the article is to study the trends of strategies of international hotel chains, as well as to determine the determinants of planning the activities of global hotel chains in Ukraine.

Results. Based on the results of the analysis of the activity of world hotel chains, the strategies of their development in Ukraine are determined. In particular, the peculiarities of planning the activity of world hotel chains are characterized, the total number of the most popular hotel chains and their distribution on the territory of Ukraine is visualized. In addition, current trends in the functioning of national hotel corporations are presented, as well as trends in the further development of hotel brands. The novelty of this study is presented in determining the determinants of the spread of the world's most popular hotel chains in Ukraine. The analysis of hotel chains indicates a significant predominance of national (the share of global hotel chains in the hospitality market of Ukraine is only about 2%), which, in our opinion, due to a system of political, economic and security determinants, including: low level of economic development. per capita is almost the lowest in Europe); low solvency of the population and low share of expenditures on tourist services in the consumer basket of the average Ukrainian; instability of regulatory and legal support for the activities of domestic economic entities and the tax system of Ukraine; unpredictability with the settlement of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, etc. According to the results of the analysis of hotel chains, some main trends of their development are highlighted, which are mostly aimed at active development and use of information technologies and programs, improving service quality, improving image, reputation, attractiveness and uniqueness of each hotel brand.


hotel chains; hotel chains activity planning; strategies of international hotel chains; hotel brand; trends in the development of hotel chains; hospitality industry

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