Methodical aspects of development and analysis of innovative strategy of small and medium enterprises

Olena Petryk, Oleksii Patsarniuk


Introduction. Successful innovation and competitiveness of a modern enterprise depends on the understanding of its owners and management of the directions of its development in the future, which should be summarized in the innovative strategy. The problem of developing an effective innovation strategy is especially important for small and medium enterprises. Wrongly chosen approaches to the selection of an innovative project can not only cause losses, but also jeopardize the entity’s ability to continue as a going concern.

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to study modern scientific and methodological approaches to the formulation of the concept of "innovation strategy", the order of its development in enterprises and substantiation of the author's approach to the formation and analysis of innovation strategy of small and medium enterprises.

Methods (methodology). The methodological basis of the study is a comparative analysis and theoretical generalization of scientific approaches to determining the content of the innovation strategy of the enterprise, logical-structural approach to the formation and analysis of the innovation strategy of small and medium enterprises.

Results. As a result of comparison of existing approaches to development of innovative strategies, research of their classification, factors of influence on success of realization of the enterprise's innovative strategy, stages of its formation and features of the most known concepts of creation of the innovative strategies the authors formulated a logical-structural approach to the formation and analysis of the innovation strategy of small and medium enterprises. It is determined that for medium and small enterprises at the present stage it is necessary to assess the external threat of suspension of activities due to the announcement of quarantine.


innovation; innovation strategy; innovative activity of the enterprise; analysis; small enterprise; medium enterprise

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