Personal informative leverages in the field of anti-money laundering financial monitoring

Оleksandr Оleksandrovych Hlushchenko, Khrystyna Yaroslavivna Raikhert


The essence and classification of the informative leverages of financial monitoring institute have been revealed. The concept of personal informative leverages has been singled out in their system. The detailed retrospective of conversion of personal informative leverages into the separate legal institution in the world and in Ukraine has been reviewed. The current legislation in the USA, which regulates relations arising in the system of informing has been analyzed. Its extraterritorial character for the rest of the world, including Ukraine has been proved. The current state of informing institute in Ukraine has been reviewed. The introduction of a new, more neutral terminology to facilitate forming a positive attitude to this institution has been offered. The necessity of working out of micro-, meso-and makrolevel risk-focused system of personal informative signals formalization has been justified, that has to become a key issue for governmental regulation and supervision authorities in the field of anti-money laundering financial monitoring and the topic for further researches. 


informative leverages; the institute of personal informative leverages; informing; financial informing; the institute of responsible worker of the entity of initial financial monitoring; micro-; meso-and makrolevel risk-focused system

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