Potential of digitalization of the domestic business environment

Liudmyla Shostak, Ivan Bilo, Yevheniia Mykytyuk


Introduction. The world economic community is using all the achievements of digitalization at a fairly rapid pace. The economic situation in the country, the level of social protection of the population, prospects of development of business structures, establishment of foreign economic relations depend on its level of development. The instability of world markets, the consequences of the pandemic, unfavorable political situations indicate the need to increase the potential of the global digital economy, which will soon overtake the market and become the basis of national economies of countries seeking effective development.

Goal. The purpose of the study is to summarize the theoretical provisions and analytical information to assess the level of potential of the business environment.

Method (methodology). Methods of logical generalization, analysis, comparison and synthesis were used to assess the potential of digitalization of the domestic business environment.

Results. The results of the study indicate the need for accelerated development of the domestic digital economy, and the level of digitalization potential of the business environment has an average level, which is characterized by significant reserves for growth. The purpose of the study is to summarize the theoretical provisions and analytical information to assess the level of potential for digitalization of the business environment.


potential; business environment; business structure; digitalization; digital economy; digitalization potential; IT coverage

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2021.01.245

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