Economic security of the state in the conditions of its formation

Olena Lysiаk


Introduction. The economic security of a country depends on the function and level of development of the economic system, including all components of relations and interdependence. Due to the lack of a scientifically sound national development strategy based on the guiding principles of economic security, negative economic phenomena are becoming more frequent, which creates conditions for developing theoretical foundations and using other scientific methods in public administration to form economic security. Avoiding economic security will lead to negative socio-economic consequences, negative economic conditions, increased dependence on imports, and so on. Therefore, it is important to study the factors affecting the economic security of the country, which are systematized by different areas of development.

Goal. Analysis of the achievements of economic security of the state through the study of factors influencing it, in accordance with certain areas of its development; substantiation of the factor of investment and innovation security as a factor of economic security of the state.

Method (methodology). Scientific research was conducted through analysis and synthesis in order to study the state and achievements of economic security of the state; tabular and graphical methods for visual presentation of the material.

The results. The level of economic security is systematized in the article. The periodicity of development of national economic security of the state in different conditions of its formation is studied. The stages of development of economic security of Ukraine are analyzed. The definition and importance of economic security of the state are confirmed. The need to improve the state of economic security of the state in order to accelerate the exit of our country from the protracted socio-economic and political crisis was emphasized. The essence of the model of economic security with further creation of preconditions for introduction and maintenance of economic security at the state level is specified. The own explanation of the term "economic security of the state" is made. It is proposed to create an effective system of economic security, which will avoid negative consequences, eliminate the threat of rapid opening of the national economy in the context of globalization, to ensure its competitiveness. It is proposed to create a new factor of economic security and introduce it into the structure of state economic security, in order to increase state capital.


economic security of the state; state management; officials of the economic security; economic system

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