Leading practices of introduction of mechanisms of ecological progress of national economy

Olha Ilyash, Olena Trofymenko, Ruslan Kolishenko


The article is devoted to the analysis of leading practices of introduction of mechanisms of ecological progress of national economy. It is established that ecological progress is carried out by reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions, the introduction of programs to preserve the environment and the viability of ecosystems, increase the consumption of renewable energy. As the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine are industry, energy and transport, it is important to implement mechanisms for ecological progress of the national economy, taking into account the successful world experience, which will allow to adapt effective mechanisms in Ukraine. The purpose of the article is to determine the effective mechanisms of ecological progress of the national economy and the formation of recommendations for its provision, taking into account the experience of leading countries. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set: to identify indicators of environmental progress, to analyze indicators of indicators of environmental progress in Ukraine and leading countries, to explore effective measures to ensure environmental progress of leading national economies. The main methods used in the study - systematization, comparison, analysis, synthesis, generalization. To compare the ecological progress of national economies around the world, we chose the main indicators that provide an opportunity to assess the ecological progress of the national economy, namely: the index of environmental efficiency, total greenhouse gas emissions per $ 1,000. GDP, Environmental Index, Ecosystem Viability Index, Share of Renewable Energy Consumption, Existing Environmental Agreements. According to the results of the study of state policy of the leading countries of the world, the main measures of the state authorities of Ukraine and the leading countries of the world in the direction of ecological progress have been determined. According to the results of the study of measures on ecological breakthrough in the leading countries, a number of recommendations have been formed for Ukraine on the formation (formation) of components of ecological progress in the economy, taking into account the functions and responsibilities of public authorities. These recommendations should be used in the process of forming state policy to ensure sustainable development, stimulate and support the introduction of innovative environmental technologies in the economy.


ecological innovations; mechanisms of ecological progress; renewable energy; national economy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2020.04.042

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