Analysis of forms of public participation in local government

Nataliia Krivokulska, Yurii Bohach


Introduction. Today, local governments carry out their own activities aimed at ensuring local development, providing services to citizens in the conditions of limited material, financial and technical resources. This makes it necessary to use effective mechanisms for cooperation of local governments with citizens, the establishment of feedback mechanisms.

The purpose of the article. Research and analysis of the forms of public participation in local self-government, identification of their shortcomings in order to define vectors for further application of these forms.

Method (methodology). The methodological basis of the article consists of general scientific and empirical methods of scientific research, such as: the system method and the generalization method.

Results of work. The forms and corresponding (levels) of public participation in local self-government are systematized. The analysis of the existing practice on the forms of public participation in the Pidvolochysk village united territorial community is carried out. The regulations that regulate the use of forms of public participation in the Pidvolochysk community are indicated and analyzed. It is established that the forms of public participation in the Pidvolochysk village united territorial community are represented by: informing, public consultations, studying and taking into account the opinion of residents in the process of forming directions of local development.

Conclusions. Under a centralized system of public administration, citizen participation in local self-government was minimal, and mechanisms for public participation were imperfect, as they existed only on paper. Adopting a model of participatory democracy requires the active participation of the public in the management of local affairs. Such participation should take appropriate forms and be based on appropriate legal mechanisms and procedures.

Sphere of results application. Forms of public participation in local governance, adoption and implementation of management decisions to ensure local development should be accompanied by public awareness of the possibilities of such participation, on the one hand, and the desire of officials and employees of local governments to listen to citizens, respond adequately, take into account her – on the other. Only under such conditions will the involvement of citizens in solving local government issues become mutually beneficial both for the residents of the respective territory and for the local self-government body.


public; public involvement; mechanisms of cooperation with the public; forms of public participation

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