Assessing the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises

Valeriy Pavlovych Bozhko, Margaryta Magomedivna Magomedova


The relationship between the units of elements of competitiveness is analyzed. It has been proved the tendency to change the model of competition between competing companies to single rivalry between the production chain, confirming the need for a broader consideration of factors influencing competitiveness by moving beyond a specific company. Normative definitions of types of integrated structures in the legislation of Ukraine are considered.  Author has determined the possible positive and negative results from the business combination in the manufacturing chain. It has been analyzed the potential impact of each chain of link on the formation of the competitiveness of industrial enterprises. Due to  the consideration of  typicalto Ukraine methods of competition it we have come to the conclusion about the low cultural level of competition and the need for closer government regulation of these processes among enterprises.


competitiveness; element; industrial chain; integrated structures; methods of competition

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