Institutions of civil society as subjects of fight against financial crimes

Oleksandra Vasylchyshyn, Olena Sydorovych


The article considers the legislative rights of civil society institutions to interact with the state. The influence of financial crimes on the functioning and development of the state, as well as the possibility of the influence of civil society institutions on the detection and detection of financial crimes has been studied. The activity of the State Financial Monitoring Service on detection and processing of information of risky financial transactions and its cooperation with foreign divisions of financial investigations is described. The most popular countries in which there are entities with a suspicious reputation for financial transactions are identified. It is emphasized that the human and resource potential of civil society institutions will contribute to the detection of money laundering operations. It is also determined that the legalization of criminal proceeds is a financial crime that encroaches on the established procedure for conducting financial transactions, and hence on the interests of the state.


civil society institutions; state; financial crime; financial investigation; financial system; financial security

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