Consumer behavior management as a marketing tool to increase the economic efficiency of tour enterprises

Nataliia Bogdan, Iuliya Krasnokutska, Dmytro Sokolov


Introduction. The peculiarities of consumer behavior in the tourism industry are considered in the article. The factors influencing it are identified, their role in shaping the decision of purchase is determined. Empirical studies have been conducted on the motivation to buy a tourist product. Economic-mathematical modelling of interdependence of efficiency of marketing activity and financial results of tourist enterprises by the method of correlation-regression analysis has been carried out. The proposals have been developed to improve the management of consumer behavior in tourism in accordance with the concept of marketing to expand the complex 4P to 10P, by adding new elements in accordance with the existing position of the organization. The purpose of the article is to consider the characteristics of consumer behavior of tourism enterprises, the factors influencing it and the implementation of management actions to increase consumer satisfaction and to stimulate demand.

The research method (methodology) includes the expert method, in particular, the questionnaire, and the method of economic-mathematical modelling, namely, correlation-regression analysis. In addition to these methods, the method of theoretical generalization and abstract-logical were used in the article.

Results. As a result of the research, the elements of scientific novelty are obtained, which contains the following: the model of consumer behavior is improved, which, unlike the existing ones, represents not only the relationship between the consumer's decision to buy and the factors that determine it; modelling the interdependence of efficiency of marketing activity and financial results of the tourist enterprises by the method of the correlation-regression analysis that allowed to establish close interdependence between the above-stated indicators is carried out; the proposal to supplement the marketing complex to improve the impact on consumer behavior with the following elements: price; shopping; scoring; partners; gifts has been developed; socially useful activity; privileges; personification; participation; speed.

Thus, the practical significance of the research is to develop recommendations to ensure decision-making processes for managing consumer demand by managing the behavior of consumers of tourist services.


marketing; consumer satisfaction; expert method; purchase decision; economic and mathematical modeling; marketing strategy; stimulating demand

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