Dynamics of social changes and prospects for the movement of ecological and economic processes in Ukraine

Iryna Muhina


One of the reasons for writing this article was the need to reconsider the situation regarding the prospects for the development of events in Ukraine carried out in 2011. Then the opinion was expressed that most likely, our country will be swallowed up by Russia - a large state that owns significant natural resources and has a huge population, but that did not happen!

On the contrary, the Ukrainian people showed courage, strength and determination in the confrontation with Russia. He continues to defend his right to national self-identification. This shows that Ukraine as a country has the potential for growth and development.

The aim of the study is to expand and clarify previous forecasts of the development of events in Ukraine based on the analysis of demographic indicators and the level of passionarity of socially active segments of the population.

The theoretical basis of the research was the works of Lev Gumilyov, Pitirim Sorokin and other scientists.

The methodological basis was the data of statistical reporting, historical description of events in Ukraine, personal observations.

The following tasks were set: analysis of the demographic situation regarding the signs of aging of the Ukrainian nation; forecast of the demographic situation in Ukraine for the next 5-6 years; assessment of the types of aspirations of individuals dominating in the Ukrainian ethnic system; determination of the nature and characteristics of this impact on the ecological and economic situation in the country.

For this, the following types of methods: statistical analysis, studies of historical processes, abstract-logical, grouping, comparison, analysis and synthesis, and the like.

The results of the study can serve as informative support of cause-and-effect relationships between social, economic and environmental components in the development of a strategy for the functioning and development of economic objects, environmental management and social sphere in the regions of Ukraine.

The changes in the ecological and economic situation are taking place in Ukraine towards a more economical consumption of natural resources. They are associated with the entry of the ethno-social system into the inertial phase of ethnogenesis and the aging of the Ukrainian nation.

The consequence of these changes will be the restoration of the natural environment, the elimination of the influence of oligopolies on the economy and politics, and so democratization of society.

This study is the basis for the further development of criteria for formalizing forecasts of the movement of ecological and economic processes.


aging of the Ukrainian nation; ethnogenesis; demographic signs of aging; population forecast; active population; natural environment; level of passionarity

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2021.01.160

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