Architectonics of the mechanism of educational financing in modern conditions and ways of solving the problem of its alternative in accounting

Svitlana Sysiuk, Nadiya Khorunzhak


Introduction. The new financial support mechanism defined by the relevant laws of Ukraine, the introduction of national accounting standards and a chart of accounts for the public sector, decentralization and other transformation processes have significantly influenced both the education financing system and the organization and methodology of accounting. But the desire to improve these systems currently does not fully correspond to the existing realities and requirements, including modern management.

The purpose of the article is to study the mechanism for the formation and use of financial support for educational institutions - colleges in the context of organizational and accounting aspects, as well as the development of proposals for their clarification and improvement (including accounting policy).

Methods (technique). The study uses general scientific methods, including theoretical generalization and analysis - to identify the specifics of financing educational institutions in the context of transformational changes, modeling - in order to form an effective financing mechanism and develop accounting policies to regulate alternatives that exist in the financial provision of educational institutions.

Results. According to the results of the study of the current legislation, it was established that financial support of state institutions of professional higher education is carried out at the expense of the state (or local) budget on the basis of a state (or regional) order for payment for training services. There is also the possibility of financing from other sources not prohibited by law, with the obligatory observance of the principles of targeted and effective use of funds, publicity and transparency of decision-making. Based on the results of the research, a model of financial support for educational institutions was built, taking into account additional sources of funding, which are divided into external and internal, and also justified recommendations for the development of accounting policies for their reflection in accounting.


public sector; the sphere of education; financial support; financing mechanism; Accounting; accounting policy; model; improvement

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