Formation and implementation of the concept of economic security in the management of the region's economy

Victoria Garkava, Alina Klishchevska


The article develops a theoretical concept of economic security in the management of the region's economy. The level of economic security of the region is analyzed on the example of Mykolayiv region and the index of economic security is constructed. Proposals have been developed to identify and minimize threats to the economic security of the regions.

The aim of the work is to form the latest concept of economic security based on modern challenges in managing the economy of the regions.

Method (methodology). The article uses methods of generalization and comparison of scientific approaches to determining the essence of economic security of regions and its threats; a systematic approach to substantiate quantitative indicators for assessing the level of economic security and identification of threats to economic security; methods of economic-mathematical analysis and modeling for calculation of the index of economic security of the region on the example of the Mykolayiv area.

Results. The theoretical concept of economic security in management of economy of region on an example of the Mykolayiv area is constructed; indicators of assessment of economic security of the region are offered and the index of economic security is calculated. The vectors of activity of local self-government bodies in the context of increasing the level of economic security of the regions of Ukraine are substantiated. The expediency of using targeted regional development programs to increase the level of economic security and economic development of the regions is argued.


economy; economic security; the concept of economic security of the region; threats to economic security; regional development programs

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