Optimization of financial stability of insurance companies as a guarantee of their development scenarios

Svitlana Korol


Introduction. In the conditions of permanent changes, the importance of insurance is increasing in today's conditions, as the reform of the economic system of Ukraine has necessitated the creation of a market infrastructure that serves the mechanism of management. An important place in it is occupied by insurance companies, which not only offer various types of insurance, but also carry out investment and financial activities, while mobilizing significant insurance capital. In the current environment, insurance is an important strategic segment of the economy. The study of the process of optimizing the financial stability of insurance companies will provide an opportunity to build a matrix of predictive positioning of the balance and equilibrium of insurance companies, thereby identifying scenarios for their development. Given this positioning in this context, the systematization of their own knowledge in the field of insurance becomes especially important.

Purpose. Carry out the process of optimizing the financial stability of insurance companies, which will allow to determine the scenarios of their development.

Method (methodology). The research used such methods as logical, which allowed to analyze scientific works in the field of insurance; analytical, which was used to analyze and evaluate the main components of the matrix of positioning the balance and equilibrium of insurers; statistical, which allowed to systematize the main components of the matrix of the financial strategy of the insurance organization in time; graphical, which allowed to interpret the results in a visual form.

Results. The methodological basis for optimizing the financial stability of insurance companies is described. It is concluded that the effectiveness of the matrix of financial strategy of insurance companies in Ukraine, which allows you to clearly see their current financial situation and possible development scenarios. Diagnosis of insurance and financial activities of insurance companies was performed for 2016-2020. The obtained results of the assessment of the position of insurers in terms of insurance and financial activities are interpreted. Measures have been proposed to ensure the best scenario for the development of the Knyazha insurance company, including a review of its own form of organizational and legal activity; diversification of the insurance portfolio; expansion of own activity; revision and change of the company's management policy; intensification of marketing activities of the company. It is established that the practical aspects of the study of optimization of financial stability of insurance companies need further study in the direction of the selected scenarios of their development.


insurance; financial stability; Insurance Company; development scenarios; insurance services; optimization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2021.01.306

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