Assessment of the influence of intellectual potential on the development of innovative entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Olha Sobko, Ihor Krysovatyy


Introduction. The phenomenon of innovative entrepreneurship as a promising vector of transformation of modern economic systems is studied. The strengthening of the influence of intellectual potential on the development of innovative entrepreneurship is proved. The comparative analysis of dynamics of a condition of development of intellectual potential of Ukraine and the highly developed countries of the world is carried out. Reserves have been established to improve the formation of intellectual potential within the framework of strengthening its positive impact on the development of innovative entrepreneurship in the country.

The subject of the study is to assess the impact of intellectual potential on the development of innovative entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

The purpose of the study is to analyze trends in innovative entrepreneurship in Ukraine, assess the impact of intellectual potential and identify reserves for its improvement to revive existential processes in today's challenges.

Method (methodology). In the process of research for the validity of the provisions presented in the article, a set of general scientific and special methods was used, in particular: historical and logical - in the study of theoretical foundations and evolution of innovation theory and the phenomenon of entrepreneurship; analysis and synthesis - to compare the main approaches to the interpretation of concepts and methods of assessing intellectual potential; comparison and grouping - to systematize the indicators used to assess the intellectual potential and innovative entrepreneurship; graphic method - for visual presentation of the results of analytical research; abstract-logical - for theoretical generalization and formulation of conclusions.

Results. Bottlenecks in the formation of intellectual potential as a catalyst for the development of innovative entrepreneurship in the country. The concept of innovative entrepreneurship as an innovation-oriented independent activity of business entities (entrepreneurs), aimed at creating a value-filled product (service) and provides profit and socio-environmental effects. Forecast models of changes in the science intensity of Ukraine's GDP, the share of industrial enterprises engaged in innovation and the share of industrial innovation-active enterprises have been built. The expediency of stimulating the development of innovative entrepreneurship both among legal entities and individual entrepreneurs is substantiated. A number of limiting factors have been identified that amplify the decline in innovation activity in the Ukrainian business sector.

Scope of results. Dissemination of practical approaches of legal entities and entrepreneurs to improve the formation of intellectual potential, will intensify the development of innovative entrepreneurship, which will positively affect the strengthening of their competitiveness.


innovative entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship; innovations; intellectual potential; innovative projects; innovation-active enterprise; competitiveness of the enterprise

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