Technological solutions for airports development during the digital transformation period

Olga Katerna, Kateryna Molchanova


Digital transformation has influenced the variety of IT projects and is being actively implemented in airport operations. New technological solutions and information systems are used at airports in different directions: tracking passenger and cargo traffic, aircraft maintenance, flight loading, financial transactions, document flow, contract logistics and other processes. Regardless of which traffic flows are served by the airport, international or regional, which airlines provide communication, the infrastructure must meet modern safety and technical requirements.

Purpose. Research of technological solutions for airports development during the digital transformation period and their impact on improving the security and capacity of airports, as well as the efficient and smooth operation of the provided customer service in the aviation service chain.

Method (methodology). The theoretical and scientific-methodological basis of the research is the provisions of the concept of digital and information economy. In the process of research, the following methods and approaches were used as a logical generalization and synthesis to form the main conclusions and proposals of the research; graphic - visualization of the results of identification of the main technological trends of the airports development.

Results. The article determines that the use of modern technologies at airports is a consequence of the dynamic development of the aviation industry and the growing demand for processing a large amount of information and ensuring security. Factors such as COVID-19 are presented, leading to faster changes regarding the latest innovations in aviation, automation and digitalization, accelerating the digitalization of the region for years. Many solutions that were initially perceived as revolutionary in the aviation industry have yet to reach their full potential. A classification of the main trends in the airports development has been formed with a description of technological solutions in the period of digital transformation, which can become a dynamic and strategic tool for forecasting and implementing future projects in the development of airport infrastructure.

Ключові слова

airport; information systems and technologies; infrastructure modernization; technological solutions; Big Data technologies; digital transformation; artificial intelligence

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