Innovative process in agroindustrial production: constituents and features of organization

Oksana Volodymyrivna Goncharenko


The features of innovative process in an agroindustrial production are investigated. The essence of stages is maintained and substages of organization of innovative process are outlined. The general factors of the development of separate stages of innovative process are distinguished. As a result the existence of plenty of the users of innovations – agricultural commodity producers, that does not allow to go out at once on the mass circulation of innovations, without previous approbation on separate enterprises and from positions of grouping and organization of various participants of innovative activity, – it is suggested to structure the stages of innovative process with the selection of two stages: creation and mastering of innovations; mass distribution of innovations. There has been proved the institutional character of factors that prevent activation of innovative development of agroindustrial production. They appear in inconsistencies of legal mechanisms, that provide innovative development and incompetence of institutes that must provide distribution of innovations. 


agroindustrial production; innovation; innovative development; innovative process; introduction of innovations

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