Features of accounting and analytical provision of inventory management

Viktor Tomchuk, Alina Mykhaylyshena


Introduction. Inventories are the main part of the cost of production of any enterprise engaged in production activities, and they are an important component of its assets. Problems related to the effective management of inventories cannot be solved if their availability, optimal quantity and efficiency of use are not fully assessed, which necessitates effective methods of analysis. Thus, research and implementation of the main directions of improving the efficiency of domestic enterprises involve improving accounting and analytical support for inventory management, which will provide their managers with all the necessary information to be able to make an informed management decision.

The purpose of the work is to study the theoretical and practical aspects of accounting and analytical management of inventories at domestic enterprises, substantiation of approaches to its formation, generalization of existing problems and identify areas for improvement.

Method (methodology). To achieve this goal, general scientific methods were used, in particular theoretical generalization – to identify the specifics of the formation of accounting and analytical management of inventories. Analysis methods were used to compare the provisions of International Accounting Standard 2 Inventories and the corresponding national standard.

Results. The article reveals the issue of accounting and analytical support of the process of inventory management at enterprises, substantiates its importance in making management decisions in terms of accounting for material resources. The purpose of accounting and analytical support of production stocks, as well as its main tasks are determined. In addition, the main existing problems related to the organization of inventory accounting and the formation of accounting and analytical support for their management are summarized, and in accordance with them, possible directions for their elimination are provided.


inventories; accounting and analytical support; accounting, analysis; control; accounting standards; inventory management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35774/econa2021.03.198

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