Assesing efficiency of health care system functioning

Kostiantyn Hrytsenko, Avhusta Hrytsenko, Anna Mogilina


Introduction. Effective health systems make a significant contribution to the economic growth and sustainable development of each country. It is impossible to solve the problems related to the financing of the health care system without assessingits efficiency. Research and implementation of the main directions of improving the efficiency of the health care system involves improving the mechanisms of its assesment.

Thepurposeoftheworkistostudythetheoreticalandpracticalaspects of assessing the health care systems efficiency of the regional European group of countries with economies in transition and developing economies, generalization of existing problems and identification of ways to improve the efficiency of health care systems in these countries, modeling public expenses on health care.

Methodology. To achieve this goal, a bibliometric analysis of scientific publications on the research topic was used, method of theoretical generalization – to form a group of key indicators of the health care system, correlation-regression analysis – to build the relationship between public health expenditures per capita and the main indicators of the health care system functioning, cluster analysis – to identify countries with similar health care problems, stochastic frontier analysis (SFA) – to build a ranking of the efficiency of health systems in the countries of the regional European group of countries with economies in transition and emerging economies,panel data model with fixed effects – to identify the impact of local budget revenues on the volume of planned local budget expenditures on health care and the amount of payment from the National Health Service of Ukraine to health care providers.

Results. The article reveals the issue of assessing the efficiency of the health care system on the example of a regional European group of countries with economies in transition and developing economies. The article summarizes the main problems related to public funding of health care in Ukraine.


countries with economies in transition; public expences; health care system; efficiency of functioning; cluster analysis; stochastic frontier analysis

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