Organizational and methodological support business diagnostics of production and commercial activity of industrial enterprise

Anhelina Sotnyk


The article considers the issues of determining the essence of business diagnostics of industrial and commercial activities of industrial enterprises and the formation of organizational and methodological support for the implementation of the diagnostic process, due to the need to establish content and sequence of preventive measures against internal and external threats effective current activities to achieve the strategic objectives of the entity.

The purpose of the study is the formation of organizational and methodological support for business diagnostics of industrial and commercial activities of industrial enterprises.

The research methodology includes methods of analysis and synthesis - to study the essence of industrial and commercial activities of industrial enterprises, abstract-logical method - to establish stages of business diagnostics of industrial and commercial activities of industrial enterprises, method of systematic approach - to form principles of diagnostic procedure and diagnostic indicators. , graphic method - for visual presentation of the material.

Results. The article stipulates that the purpose of conducting business diagnostics of production and commercial activities of an industrial enterprise is to obtain and apply in practice relevant data on the level of efficiency of the business entity, the reasons for deviations from the strategic direction of development. The algorithm of business diagnostics is substantiated, which provides: coordination of the chosen strategy of the enterprise and current activity, assessment of the actual state of efficiency of production and commercial activity, determination of the gap between actual and planned indicators, development of measures to increase efficiency, control over measures. It is established that the diagnostics of production and commercial activities of an industrial enterprise examines the main business processes. The article summarizes the requirements for the formation of a system of indicators that provides a reasonable conclusion on the effectiveness of production and commercial activities of the enterprise. It is proved that for successful carrying out of diagnostic procedure the methodical basis which provides observance of principles, use of scientific methods of calculation, the analysis and forecasting of the formed set of diagnostic indicators, presence of information maintenance should be formed.


business diagnostics; production and commercial activities; business processes; efficiency; organizational and methodological support; business diagnostics algorithm

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