Tools for economic protection of enterprises in the conditions of international activity: essence and features

Nestor Shpak, Yurii Hurskyi


Introduction. In order to maintain the stable functioning of the enterprise, protect its intellectual property, guarantee the inviolability of property, protect information and interests of stakeholders, maintain a stable financial condition, develop international economic relations and achieve other goals, the tools for economic protection of the enterprise should be used.

Purpose. The article should clarify the definition of «Tools for economic protection of the enterprise» and point out their features in the context of international economic activity.

Method (methodology). To achieve the goals, the article uses theoretical methods: analysis, synthesis, comparison, systematization. This provided an analysis of the literature and the formulation of the scientific apparatus on the problem.

Results. The article clarifies the essential definition of this concept, which proposes to understand «The means of preserving the autonomy of the enterprise, the development of the identity of its production, economic and international economic activities, meeting the needs and interests of stakeholders who, through the implementation of a set of actions that optimize management processes, harmonize the financial condition of the enterprise, which contribute to the development of international relations». Their functional purpose is: analysing and preventing of risk in the activities of the enterprise, taking measures to optimally cover the losses that have been recorded; analysing the results of measures to reduce risks, motivational activities in the field of risk management, etc.; neutralizing of negative impact on enterprises of threats to socio-economic development; conservation of the autonomy of the enterprise, the development of the characteristic properties of its production and economic and international economic activities, which determine the competitive advantages of the enterprise and success in the market. The features of the tools for economic protection of the enterprise in the conditions of international activity in the article include: scientific and systematic, complexity, financial support, innovation, standardization, motivation, focus on meeting the needs of stakeholders, development of the HR system of the enterprise.


economic protection; enterprise; tools; features; international activity

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