Corruption: concepts and types, causes

Vadym Gura


Introduction. One of the key threats to the effective development of the country’s economy and national security is corruption, which penetrates into all spheres of society and slows down the process of European and global integration of Ukraine. It exists in a different way and degree in all countries, reflects the inefficiency of the state power, the imperfection of its institutional support. In Ukraine, corruption has become widespread and latent, and the process of it’s overcoming will be long. Research of its nature, manifestations, causes and consequences will help develop effective ways to prevent and overcome it.

Purpose. The purpose of this study was to form a unified approach to the definition of “corruption” and to generalize the classification of its forms and types on a number of grounds; study the key causes of corruption, its consequences for the development of society and its security, as well as identify the most common ways to prevent and overcome corruption.

Method (methodology). To achieve this goal, traditional methods of scientific knowledge of social phenomena and processes were used to clarify the essence of the concept of “corruption”; generalization and systematization – to study and clarify the key features of the classification of forms and types of corruption; analysis and synthesis – to find out the main causes of corruption, its consequences and identify key ways to overcome it.

Results. The result of this study is clarifying of the definition of “corruption”, generalization and systematization of the classification of its forms and types, characterization of the key causes of corruption and its consequences for all spheres of society, as well as studying the main ways to prevent and overcome corruption in Ukraine and the world.

Scope of the usage of the research results. These results can be used for further scientific research and substantiation of anti-corruption programs, economic development of the country, its faster integration into the European and world community.

Conclusions. Corruption is a social evil that hinders the effective development of society. The formation of a unified interpretation of the concept of “corruption”, systematization of its forms and types, determining the causes and consequences will contribute to the


corruption; types of corruption; forms of corruption offenses; causes and consequences of corruption; prevention and counteraction of corruption; national security

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