Development of social infrastructure of modern village

Iryna Anatoliivna Azhaman


In the article there has been determined the level of provision of rural locality establishments of socio-cultural sphere, that will allow to form the priority directions of development of social infrastructure. For the achievement of this aim there has been analysed the presence and structure of establishments of education and culture. According to the research the rural locality is characterized by the low level of material well-being by such establishments. However their construction must be carried out in that locality, where there is an urgent necessity of such establishments. Construction of preschool institutions in the rural locality has to be conducted with its previous concordance with the perspective plans of development of settlement and the involvement of state and local budgets, the public, businesses and etc for implementation of building and installation works. With the purpose of economy of building and exploitation of establishments of socio-cultural sphere it is suggested to use modern projects where the newest technologies and materials are taken into account. 


establishments of socio-cultural sphere; preschool educational establishments; establishments of culture; rural locality; material well-being; structure

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